La Garoinada de Palafrugell: a marine delight to taste with a luxury menu

The Costa Brava, with its crystal clear waters and impressive coastal landscapes, is also known for its gastronomic wealth. From 19th of January until 24th of March 2024, Palafrugell city will be a center of extraordinary Garoinada, an event that celebrates one of the sea’s most exclusive delicacies: sea urchin.

Thirteen local restaurants from Palafrugell, Llafranc and Calella de Palafrugell participate in this event, offering diners the opportunity to enjoy a unique menu focused on this marine gem. Sea urchin, known for its delicate texture and intense flavor, is presented as a main dish in several variations, from raw to more elaborate preparations.

The Garoinada is not only a feast for the most discerning palates, but also an opportunity to explore the region’s rich maritime culture. Participating restaurants not only highlight the flavor of sea urchin, but also integrate other fresh local products such as fish, seafood and seasonal vegetables.

The menus at the Garoinada de Palafrugell offer a complete gastronomic experience, with appetizers that awaken the palate, main courses that celebrate the sea urchin in all its glory and creative desserts that elegantly close this unique culinary experience.

In addition, the Garoinada also highlights the importance of preserving marine resources and promoting sustainable fishing. Participating restaurants collaborate with local fishermen to ensure that sea urchins are responsibly sourced, thus ensuring the continuity of this unique gastronomic tradition.

Visitors can experience the Garoinada in several ways, either through tasting menus at participating restaurants or participating in activities related to fishing and seafood cuisine. Participating restaurants are:

L’Arc, Centre Fraternal, Xadó, El Balcó de Calella, El Càntir – Hotel Alga, Gelpifish, La Bella Tere, Les Voltes de Calella by Es Portal, El Far, La Llagosta, Llafranc “El Gitano”, Terrassa Terramar, Es Portió – Hotel Hostalillo.

In short, the Palafrugell Garoinada is much more than a culinary festival; it is a celebration of the richness of the sea and the passion of local chefs to present it to diners. Thus, this event not only offers an opportunity to taste sea urchin at its best, but also to connect with the rich gastronomic heritage of the Costa Brava of the towns of Palafrugell, Llafranc and Calella de Palafrugell.

Images of urchies, La Garoinada advertising poster and a seafood pan.

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