Winter in La Cerdanya, a wide variety of activities for all audiences

Explore La Cerdanya: discover all the winter activities

La Cerdanya, a region located in the eastern Pyrenees, becomes a winter paradise for mountain lovers. With a wide range of activities and open ski resorts, La Cerdanya offers a unique experience for the whole family. Despite the drought and little snowfall this winter, you can find plenty of other activities. In addition, if you are planning a winter escape, you can book a dreamy apartment in our website, better prices that other booking websites. Discover all that this magical region has to offer during the winter season.

Ski resorts: where the snow hugs the mountains

La Cerdanya is known for its ski resorts that offer and exceptional natural environment. Some examples are La Molina, Masella &Guils-Fontanera, ski lovers can enjoy the snow even if there is little skiable domain. From beginners to experts, Cerdanya’s resorts offer slopes for all skill levels, making it ideal for a family getaway or for skiing enthusiasts.

Guils-Fontanera is currently closed due to the lack of snow, but you can also go to France, where you will find Porté-Puymorens just 40 minutes by car from Alp and they offer a great ski experience.

Winter activities in the mountains: beyond skiing

La Cerdanya is not only for skiers, but also offers a wide variety of winter activities for those who prefer other thrills. From snow racket excursions, ice skating, fly with a small plane , ride a horse. And you can’t miss the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park, it offers a wide range of routes for nature lovers who want to explore the natural beauty of the region.

Family activities: creating unforgettable memories

If you travel with childen, La Cerdanya is your place. Ski resorts usually have special areas for the little ones, with private lessons to help them learn to ski in a fun and safe way. La Cerdanya really is a paradise for the whole family.

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When planning your Cerdanya getaway, make sure you have a comfortable place to rest after a day full of adventures. offers a selection of exclusive apartments that combine comfort and luxury. With views of the mountains, modern services, Wi-Fi connection, the apartments are the perfect choice for a dreamy stay. La Cerdanya is located just 1h40min from Barcelona. What more can we ask for from the extraordinary Catalan territory?

In short, La Cerdanya is not only an exceptional ski destination, but also offers a wide range of activities for everyone. From ski resorts to exciting family adventures, this captivating region is ideal for nature lovers and those looking for the perfect winter getaway. Book the apartment today at and get ready for the magic of La Cerdanya winter.

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